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Latest Comments for 580-849

January 7 3:07 am
I have Verizon and when I redialed the number, I got a message about the Verizon customer being unavailable.

January 19 11:39 am
Big suggestion: Dont give out ANY personal info like to anyone you dont know. How knows what someone could be using that info for? Applying for a mortgage in your name with your employment ... info they piece together etc...

January 24 9:03 am
Also Consumer Financial, and when I asked what was going on the man called me a "B*tch" and hung up.

January 19 10:09 pm
Spam. Sends out spam text messages about free gift cards all in attempt to collect personal information for identity theft

January 22 7:24 am
Quick question, were you close to the end of your billing cycle when you recieved this?

January 17 2:25 pm
Same here. They know I'm not the card holder but they keep calling!

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