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January 25 12:59 pm
Dec. 26, 2014I got an incoming call this morning that showed 916-265-8537 on my caller ID. In these days of Caller ID Spoofing, it is questionable if it was a true number. However, I called that number back and got a recorded message saying that the person I had called was unavailable at the time and to try again later. It seems that unsolicited calls are becoming quite frequent as of late. And from what messages I have seen, it matters not that you may be on the DO NOT CALL list. I even get calls from collection agencies even though I have no debt whatsoever, and have absolutely no past debts that would apply to that scenario. The world is going to hell what with these Archons loosed upon us.

January 1 2:34 pm
My number is also on the no call list and yet this 000 000 0 number keeps calling . I will keep not answering , but it is very annoying.

January 26 9:51 pm
214-296-2578 called more than he claimed as others said this is an important legal matter & Im to speak to .at this time! The caller does not listen when hes being spoken to and is quite pushy.The caller is rude, pushy and worst of all a liar in their attempts to get through to the contact name they have.I think they are trying to hire themselves out as collection agents for businesses.However, Im not sure on that, but its what seemed to be coming across in their bogus phone call.

January 15 5:29 pm
Yellow Pages AT&T no for patients.

January 23 1:59 pm
my girlfriend has been receiving text messages saying that i am sleeping with this person, this is causing a bad turn in my relatiinship need to stop it.

January 1 7:03 am
my sister got a call from 2062035290 today and told her that hes calling from some energy company.  She said her husband deals with the bills and he can call back when he gets home.  The guy on the phone asked if she wants to have friendship with him using hindi and punjabi language so i guess he knows that shes from india. she said shes married and have kids but he kept talking about being friends and she hang up on him.

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