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January 24 11:45 pm
Just received ANOTHER call and threat from Nicole Rozeitti (sp)... from this phone number...1844-564-1077. I am so tired of these calls and threats! What in the world makes these people go on and call and threaten time and time again? Dont they ever just give up???

January 27 7:44 pm
Ill make payment tomorrow. I was a little short on cash last month. Sorry.Ko

January 16 3:22 pm
This seems to be those questionable charity workers who say they are collecting money for the Kentucky Highway Patrol families who lost loved ones, they're the ones who send you those stickers, and if you donate, it's not tax deductable...they don't take no for an answer.  I live in the far eastern part of ky and these calls are originating in the far southwest of Kentucky...why in world would I try to support officers in some other area than my own.   Really questionable.

January 11 8:16 pm
I received this call on my job for someone who works in my building. The person he wanted was not in, so I asked for his information so I could give them a message. He said it was personal and gave me this number as his cell. I looked it up, only to find out it is a landline.

January 14 2:36 am
Happened to me too?????? Im confused

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