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Latest Comments for 601-655

January 19 5:38 am
i got call but i was sleepy and i dont answer good and i dont understand what u want of me >plz respond

January 18 7:17 pm
I keep getting those calls also, i have been on the do not call list and refresh every year, also, i have AT&T. I just dont answer any calls i dont know their numbers..

January 23 8:25 pm
Appears these numbers are from a telemarketer i don't let them get far into their sales pitch. But they don,t get it No means No. 210-249-1423, 210-249-1422, 210-249-1415, 210-249-1405, 210-249-1402, 210-249-1330, 210-249-1327, 210-249-1325, 210-249-1321, 210-249-1315, 210-249-1314, Always the same guy keeps calling back.

January 13 3:51 am
getting call from this no regularly

January 26 11:09 pm
Called our company and said they were following up on a survey I filled out. I replied that I had not filled out any surveys, thanked them and hung up.

January 23 11:05 am
I just got an SMS from this number telling me my "VELOCITY CU" card has been deactivated and that I should callvthis number. Never mind I don't have any caress or accounts with arch credit union. And if I did I'd think they would rather call me.

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