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January 18 1:22 am
this is the 3rd call i received from this company. the first one was the day after Christmas. The funny part is that we were at my husbands aunts house who happens to be a criminal defense attorney in CA. She told them this is a scam and hung up on them. She informed me that now way would the IRS call like that, we would get served official paper work by the government if there was a problem. They called again today and when i informed him that i already reported them to the IRS and that if they called me again i would file a law suit against them for harassment, he said you Bi*** shut the f**k up. this is a total scam

January 12 5:35 pm
My daughter answered the phone using a Russian accent and then put the phone by the toilet and flushed it. She had fun messing with him.ROFLMAO!

January 24 9:49 am
Spam to 9-1-1 emergency pagers

January 5 9:31 am
Said I won something from Apple. " Go to and enter code 6272 to claim your product"

January 24 7:41 pm
I didn't answer. CID shows SOLA and phone #.

January 19 3:07 am
Called me all drunk wanting to f***.

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