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September 21 8:55 pm
I got a call this morning at 7:35 from 212-345-6364 the name listed March Mclennan. She said she was with windows and my computer was sending error messages. She wanted me to go to my computer and push the windows key. I told her I was not going to do such a thing and to give me the number so I could call back. The number she gave me was 510-962-4581. I started checking into the windows hot line to see if it was ligit. But then I check Google for the number that I was called from and found all this scam information. How do they get my number, I have a do not call block.

September 21 6:39 pm
i dunno who it is i didn't pick up

September 21 10:59 am
I got a call from this number recently. I looked it up and figured out there location of the phone number is from Delaware (Dover, Newark, Wilmington). That does not mean they are actually living in that city now but that is the zip code area. Came up as KTECH SERVICE on the caller ID. I believe 100% it is a scam. No voicemail is ever left and when you pick up you hear something like "sorry" with a recorded voice.

September 21 12:10 am
Random calls from this number.

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