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Latest Comments for 602-793

2016-03-17 06:44:54
got calls from this number so i put them on my reject list when they call now it tells them they have been rejected so they will not get me anymore

2016-03-17 13:45:11
Spam Numbers Need To Keep Calling Me!

2016-03-17 05:25:30
You do realize that spamming repeatedly just makes you into a troll. Im not a scammer-cant stand the idiots. I ALSO cant stand little idiot trolls who break the TOS of a site with their crap! NONE of that is helpful! It actually makes things WORSE because people are going to see all the spam and not bother-youre choking out anything HELPFUL in this thread.To put it in a way your troll mind can understand: Your spam = NOT helpful. Head back to your Indian boiler room, and know that you are LOWER than an untouchable.

2016-03-17 06:38:24
My 8yr. old has a cell phone. If something happens to him, and he needs to contact his mommy/911. Not that my son is ever unsupervised by an adult at all times, due to his age, and a 16yr old would be unsupervised by adults. You should think before you speak. My neighborhood has not a payphone 1 for several miles. Most of the time he has no minutes, but I still have him carrying it with him everywhere. Wheather it has time or not, it can still be used to contact 911. Not to mention if my child is taken by some sick [***], gps can track my baby. One more thing, do you ever watch the news??? Our babies are not safe anywhere. Not in school, not in church, and sometimes not in thier own homes.

2016-03-17 03:40:52
On the Galaxy S-4 there is a call reject option. It works great. just click add to reject list and the phone will reject it

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