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July 26 1:47 pm
Got the message and number I deleted it

July 26 8:56 am
Don't know where you live but 130 is an illegal US area code. I suggest never give $$$ to charities when they call. They could be scammers, or a fund-raising company that will only pass on a small fraction of what you give to the charity, and your phone number could be sold on to other charities as a willing giver and you'll be buried with telemarketing calls. If you really want to give $$$, it's easy to google the internet for contact info and you contact the charity directly - they will get 100% of your gift and you'll know you're dealing with the real charity and not a scammer.

July 26 7:35 pm
Called saying we won a trip to Daytona Beach Florida and the Bahamas. Wanted to get our credit card information. We didn't give it out. Tried to report to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call centre but they don't care unless you're out money.

July 26 10:16 am
received a call from these clowns, they left a recorded message... tried to call back to ask them nicely to remove my number and you have to listen to the same message... does anybody have a number to talk to an actual person at victory chapel?

July 26 4:16 am
I received 2 calls today from a Tracy Bradley as well. I do not know who this company is!!!!! But what I do know is that they are breaking the Fair Debt Consumer Protection Act (FDCPA). I do know that if a company is calling and leaving a message about a bill/debt they are only able to leave the company name, they can leave their name, and a phone number. When they are leaving theses messages they are breaking the law. They are also committing third party discloure. They are leaving detailed threating messages on your phone, They do not know if it is your phone or a shared phone where anyone can retreive the message. I am like the other postees and will not return the call,

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