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Latest Comments for 605-263

January 28 12:15 am
This was a call from the Warranty Department for our Acura asking us to extend our warranty. This is the second or third call despite telling them we are not interested, sold the car, they keep calling.

January 24 1:09 am
I called back and responded that I wanted to be removed from their list but they are still calling twice a day. No one is ever there whey I pick up. This is the most annoying one ever.

January 12 10:03 pm
I just spent 45 minutes on hold with the HRM Police, and never did get through, so I left a message, the recording claims they will get back to me between 8 and 5 tomorrow.  if anything comes of it. I'll post a message here.

January 24 7:50 am
Caller asked for a Delores Montoya.  When she was told that person did not have this number, the caller accused me of lying.  The caller never identified herself or her company.

January 11 5:29 pm
Does phone number lookup really works?

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