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December 4 1:42 am
Been on the do not call registry for years, verified it. Within the past few months have been getting all sorts of scam and fraudulent phone calls. Do not call registry doesnt work when it comes to these calls. Have gotten the Microsoft fraud call (twice) first one came from a NASSAUZN01 number, then two hours after the first time of that, someone called from the same number stating they were with Verizon to upgrade DVR, another fraud call. The second Microsoft fraud call came from a California number the next week. Have gotten spoof calls, this call from 0 which you can not block as it is not a valid number, and then all sorts of listed numbers. I have reported everyone of them, all hours of the day and night, most recorded messages but several were live callers. Have also gotten the phone company involved we are getting so many and they have started blocking numbers because Ive filled up my block list and the filter anonymous doesnt catch a majority of them. Now have gotten a number from the phone company because we are getting so many of these calls, a government agency to trace the numbers. From what the phone company stated, usually even though the numbers come up from all over the country and different, they usually lead back to the same place.

December 4 5:49 am
I received a call from James Porter from MGM Sweepstakes saying I won 2.5 millon dollars. I believe this a scam. 1 876 296 9509

December 4 4:06 am
Promotor for some nightclub ny

December 4 5:51 pm
Dont call this phone nomore

December 4 8:42 pm
There was no number on the call display but the caller's "call-back" number was 209-796-3712.  The caller had an accent and speaks in an authoritative, demanding voice asking that I or my attorney of record call back "or else" but he doesn't say why, what for.  He just sounded like a scam so obviously I'm not calling back.  But for you out there, please don't be intimidated by the attorney or law suit talk--I am an attorney and there is no way any attorney who wants to keep his license or any judge would treat people like that or deal this way.  First of all, if you get some documents in the mail, fine, but never respond to an email or phone call threatening you with any debt proceedings or law suit.  DON'T CALL BACK!

December 4 6:36 am
FYI -- They also left a phone number to call them back 877-243-5126.   When searching the 877-243-5126 phone number on this site -- DO NOT call this number back.   They are trying to get personal information from you.

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