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January 7 2:52 am
Ive had this happen to me before & I called back. Some man answered & kept telling me I owe a company money on a loan (which I never got). So I got a hold of my personal attorney & their office called these people but they would not answer their phones. But when I called back to tell them my attorney will contact them they answered their phones for me, but my when attorney calls. I really hate these people who take advantage of the unguilty ones. Get a real life scammers.

January 2 6:54 am
Arfe you kidding, the site is a big scam. The DNC site will sell your number and your calls will more than double.

January 26 9:14 am
check out my response dated July 9 to Keller. I think you are getting WAY-AY-AY-AY more than promised OR what you bargain for!

January 23 12:59 am
They claimed I did not finish the survey but won money anyway.

January 18 3:17 pm
Called at Approx 4:45 PM CST  3/13  Left no Message

January 19 3:11 pm
Have gotten same call yesterday 4am and 11:30am today, but no prompt to install anything, yet...

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