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Latest Comments for 610-633

January 2 6:04 am
Received call from 904-699-9831 two days in a row. Hubby answered, lady started talking about computer and he didnt give her a chance. Told her she reached Chicago computer crime lab. She asked for his name and badge number. He rattled off fake name and badge number. She responded good luck catching me and hung up. Mid-eastern accent.

January 14 9:21 am
Receive calls from this number about twice a day. As mentioned, they keep asking about credit card services. They just dont give up. I feel sorry for someone who is reduced to working in one of these boiler rooms. BUT, were short on staff and I just dont have time to deal with these people.Make it unpleasant as you can. Train em like the dogs they are! Use a whisle into the receiver. Bet my number will be scratched off the list soon.

January 15 4:06 am
no text and when im on the phones let it go to voicemail

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