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December 4 1:14 am
This was the last email i recieved.Once again, Congratulation Danielle, I acknowledge your information and i have it on your new file for complete privacy and documentation.You are required to report online daily via email 8:30am daily starting tomorrow, just send me an email to get update on the start-up check and delivery dateI will give you instructions on where to buy equipment, You will purchase from the companys certified Vendor., with these equipment you will have access to the companys portal, document task and assignment and you will be able to use the required softwares and time trackerFirst step will be to have check deposited because it is a company check and i am not sure if your bank will cash it instantly for you or have to deposit it firstJust send me an email to check in 8:30am your timeMatthew Ayazwsans7@millers-g.comP: (707) 500-1668 | F:

December 4 9:49 pm
How long did it take to get the cash n your account

December 4 10:03 pm
I got these calls for weeks and you know its a scam so after politely asking to be taken off their list I bought a really loud whistle i only got two calls from that number again it will mess up their hearing but only for a while

December 4 6:22 pm
You need to enroll in grade school for help with basic English. Maybe a night school.a tutor...anything.

December 4 2:58 am
called and asked for a gwen or a glen. Not anyone who lives at the house. Did not identify themselves.

December 4 11:27 pm
The person -a woman- calling from  this number, ask  to speak to dakota, and when I said yes, she hung up. I called the number back and got a recording that the number was disconnected.

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