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October 15 4:16 pm
im so sorry u guys i worked there 4 about a month n i collected nothin because i didnt use the tactics that the others used so while they wer making hunderds i made nothing but anyway but they call it stiff and biff what they do is they give u a rediculous amount then they say oh well take off intrest and its still way more your bill is sitll 300 they are just trying to make more money off of you i would tell them that you or your spouse is a police officer and you recorded the call and youll let him decide what you should do or tell them that your a officer and that wht they said ti you is unlawful and your turning them in they arr scared shitless of the police so they will stop all the calls

October 15 5:46 pm
I received the same call from 205.535.8444 and the supposedly agent name was Anthony Ochoa. He wanted to leave a message for my daughter and the number he gave was 323.212.9777. By the way, the location of 205.535.8444 show up on my caller ID as Birmingham,Al. Anyway as we proceeded to discuss that I should have my daughter to call them before legal action is taking against her by the following day by noon. I ask him have they sent out any letters to her and he stated that it has nothing to do with me. I quickly inform him respectfully that I know what mails come to my house and my daughter has not received any mails. He went on to say that Sir I am not about to get into rather or not did she receive mail from our office because we have sent out numbers of mails. So I just told him to go ahead and proceed with what action they feel that they need to do because my daughter is entitle under the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act the name of the creditor and the amount. I also pointed out that the creditor or the collection agency is required under the law to submit a certified letter to show attempt. You can claim that you sent it all you want but you can’t claim that she received it end of conversation. He said good bye and I said bye.

October 15 3:22 pm
Called claiming to be tech support for Windows, company called Soft-tech. SCAM! Please don't fall for this. They try to get you to go onto a website to download a program, NEVER DO THIS! Their caller info was blocked, and they gave me this phone number to call back after I lead them to believe I was falling for it.

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