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Latest Comments for 615-662

July 26 7:15 pm
LOL Darn shame. He still at it with the same number and same story. Was Hot Coffee on Tagged. Just took his site down. Funny as heck. He real busy. I did not communicate with him long or much cause I knew the deal. Let him think I was sending money and everything. Sad just Sad

July 26 3:13 pm
They ripped my little store off $1000s what a nightmare I am do dirty I ever listened to these people they dustryed my business now I am on welfare living on the street my wife told me not to do this but I didnt listen now we are divorced over it and I never see my children

July 26 10:27 am
A recording stated that I was contacted for telemarketing purposes. It says to ante your sumer after the beep and your number will be added to their "do not call" list, but there was never a beep.

July 26 7:43 pm
Call about every 2-21/2 hrs starting around 2:39 and does not leave a message.  Very irritating!!!!

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