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Latest Comments for 617-249

2016-07-19 12:58:40
Called my cellphone twice within an hour but didn\'t leave a message

2016-07-19 20:04:53
some legal firm ask for deniece

2016-07-19 01:49:27
I got that same csll yesterday.

2016-07-19 06:06:59
Im in the UK and just started getting these calls?

2016-07-19 18:51:17
I got the same guy with the thick accent, 3 questions, the whole spiel. He wanted the last four digits of my SSN, too. I gave him a phony one. He read it back to me, asking for verification. I told him no that wasnt it. He hung up.

2016-07-19 14:32:27
It doesnt work! Ive been on it for several years and I have filed complaints about telemarketers. I have more calls now than before Do Not Call started. I think maybe THEY give out our numbers to keep them busy at their jobs, which are paid for with our taxpayer money.

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