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July 30 6:26 am
I got the same call and they told me the same thing you guys was saying. She said i hade 3 count against me. they said get the state send me certified letters and the bank sent me certified letters. But me and my wife never got a certified letter from anybody when I asked him what was my address they didnt know the address I just know my zip code.first time somebody call some guy named Robert Brooks.

July 30 3:35 pm
CL Barter response, Hi...about the Barter ad on craigslist will you trade for this <pic-att>, PhotoID 492BTX, Plz let me know.

July 30 10:51 pm
today happened the same-thing, ive been doing some loan shopping, and this number called me in the very morning, indian guy with strong accent, from 2052581808, guy said he was a investigator or something like that, dont remenber well, he said i was being suing, so he gave me a phone number to call, it was an attorney phone number with the name of SHAWN WHITE, didnt realized both number actually were the same, didnt pay attention to that because i was so intimidated at the time, so i called the anothe indian guy answer but this one still had an accent, but not as much as the first one, he looked up my name in his files and said that i was being sue for not paying a loan, he said i was going to be arrested in less than an hour if payment wasnt make, i actually believed it, he was so serious when talking to me, but i wasnt gonna send him any money, he told me to buy a green card, at walmart and send the number to him, which was so weird, i told one of my friend about it and told me that same guy called him, it was a scam, after that indian guy called me again and i told them to f...; off, he said i was gonna be arrested, a minutes after that another phone call, but this time from that town i live in, and it was another indian guy saying he was a police officer, and said he was gonna arrest me, i told him i already reported this matter to my local police department, and they stop the call, don fall for this, its a DAMN SCAM,

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