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2016-07-19 02:59:21
Got a fax from them just now, 1300 576 988 is their \'call now\' number.  Definitely DO NOT send an email to Dontfax @ gmail as they suggest.  An anonymous gmail account is clearly not a valid method to prevent further faxing, but it IS a good way for them to get your email address so they can bombard you (and most likely sell it) from that angle as well.

2016-07-19 20:25:05
I got his damn message too and paying for it. Called T-mobile, it is some out-sourcing Indian lady. It is useless to call tmobile since they will just ask you to change your number or complain to do-not-call web. Anybody who find a solution to stop this stupid spam. Please post!

2016-07-19 13:59:56
Pretty sure this is a fishing scam dont give them anything! They called me I dont have an account with them and NEVER HAVE!!!

2016-07-19 06:52:55
I have gotten calls three times, I just tell him I dont believe him and hang him every time, thats the only way hell get caught

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