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January 21 11:02 pm
I got this same number at home, and this guy calls saying that there is a problem with my computer when there isnt anything wrong with it.I try to find out who he is, but he says he couldnt hear me. So, I hung up and 2 seconds later he calls back.

January 9 2:02 am
I got two calls from 0 so I did the same thing and block them by using CM Security app now all it does is go boom boom bye bye.

January 19 5:50 am
Got a call just now. I have Verizon.

January 19 4:51 pm
Clearly your mother was a victim of a scam and for that reason should not owe any money to anyone. She needs to report it to the police and give them all the information. For her own peace of mind she should tell the police she is being told she owes $500 or go to jail. The police can get that matter cleared up for her. She should go to the bank where she cashed the check and speak to the bank manager, who will contact their fraud department. Have a copy of the police report to give the bank.

January 9 10:30 pm
I got a call from this place on Friday and today. The call sounded like a call center from india, the guy said he was with "consumer financial services" or something like that. I told him I was not interested and he started arguing with me and asking me if I even knew what his company was offering. I told him I guessed that they were are debt settlement or a credit repair company, and I wanted my number removed from the calling list, so he hung up on me. When you try to call the number back it says this number is not in service, so if anyone has any more info on this company, i would appreciate it, i want to call them back and get them to remove my number from their calling list.

January 26 12:09 am
ok i got a call from that number and the first time i didnt say anything

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