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January 3 4:07 pm
I received a call from this phone number on 8/26/14 to set up an appointment. Not knowing I set up an appointment for tomorrow, 9/3/14. I have been trying to call and cancel the appointment. I call this number from my caller id, the first time they said to leave a message, so I did. I told them if they were the ones that set up appointment, I needed to cancel my appointment and to call me. Never heard from them. I called my Insurance provider(Humana) and they gave me the companies that would have called me. They had no record. So I research this number here and read your notes. Thank you for posting them. I then tried to call the number again, they answered and they had my appt. scheduled, I told them I needed to cancel it and they wanted to reschedule it and I told them I would not be rescheduling the appointment and that this is a scam.

January 9 3:41 am
no sweetheart cause I got T Mobile and they do the same thing to me

January 12 1:54 am
they just called me at 10:37 am. I wish I would have been able to pull this up while the phone was still ringing. I have worked for Microsoft and would have loved to have that conversation!

January 3 3:24 pm
Text read: Just called cops!Luis called me saying suicide

January 3 11:17 pm

January 25 7:20 am
I called my police too. I also recommend calling your bank and credit bureau especially when they have personal information. This has to stop.

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