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September 21 10:59 pm
They sound like incompetent scammers! What is their point? My ringer is off and I wasnt home when this call came in. I check the caller ID log to see if I have any legitimate calls. Most are telemarketer scams. 5 calls today from numbers out of state, one in state and 2 not showing, including this one. Like someone here said once, they can find Bin Laden and Suddam Hussain but they cant find the telemarketers. So much for the do not call lists. They dont work and I think they just aggravated the issue causing more calls OR maybe they are the ones giving out our numbers!

September 21 12:02 pm
I was in the middle of something when the phone rang. I saw the number was from out of state and let it go to voice mail. When I went back a short time later I saw they had called again back to back. No message left so I goggled the number and found info here. Glad I didnt answer it.So while we all have our own way of dealing with this, here is my way of dealing with robo calls:I make a new contact in my contact list, you can call it anything you like, ROBO, or on my case I call them TELE*PEST. Each time I get another unwanted call I add the number to my contact list under TELE*PEST, once it is full of numbers I change the name to TELE*PEST*FULL and make another contact named TELE*PEST. Now when I make the new contact I select a special ring tone for them and then I adjust the volume to mute just for them on the ring tone setting, this way while I cant seem to stop them from calling I can avoid ever hearing the call. In my case my phone will store 12 numbers for each contact, and I must have over 50 TELE*PEST*FULL contacts so they seem to have an endless list of numbers to call from, but I have an endless ability to miss more of their calls. After the first time they call and fail to leave a message I simply add them into my TELE*PEST list and am no longer disturbed by them. Simple but yet effective.

September 21 5:33 pm
Called at 3:45pm 1/23/10 Answered and only head a click in the back ground.

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