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Latest Comments for 620-213

2016-06-20 20:38:50
Left no message. Caller ID says: BOWLBY K

2016-06-20 19:37:53
Simply rings in as "Phone Service" all the time. No message.

2016-06-20 16:25:01
Stan, that could mean only ONE thing. Your phone company sold your phone number!

2016-06-20 04:13:29
Maggie,I got a call from my grandson today from this number 436-642-530-838 to let us know he is in Florida for a funeral, and after he went to a bar got drank and he was arrested and he needs $3,000.00 , and a public lawyer will call us back to arrange how to pay. My husband was the one who answered this call and his hearing is not very good, so he really did not know whats going on. Fortunately I got home on time, and he was telling me about the call, when my phone was ringing, and my caller ID sad SKYPE USER, and the number was from 661-748-0240, I picked up and a man voice was telling me he is the lawyer who will arrange the pay for the $3000.00. I told him where to go and dont you ever call us , and I called our phone service and they block this number. The first number looks like an international number

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