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Latest Comments for 623-433

October 15 10:48 pm
Calls itself female but sounds like a man. Vulgar and profane language and sounds suspicious.

October 15 11:30 pm
Recorded sales call about lowering mortgage rates.

October 15 3:57 pm
I also am on the do not call list, and have received 3 calls in the last 3 days. Some people think GE is responsible. That is crazy. They would not do that. They mention GE security. Home Depot sells GE yard signs, security stickers, and GE wireless security systems. The yard signs are about 9.00 and the systems are about 19.99. The scammers are probably using the cheap stuff  like the signs to put in the yard and then go about their dirty work, whatever that may be. The phone numbers come from different states and area codes. They change their numbers very often. Oddly enough, a read online that the calls started coming for one person after they went to Amazon and searched for security systems. I also searched on Amazon for wireless security systems the day before the calls started coming. This seems like more than a coincidence. This has been going on at least since 2011. I live in area code 209. I don't know the number they called from because I don't have caller ID, but it was the same thing about installing a GE security yard sign in my yard. And about the FBI. The reason some people think it was a hangup call is after you answer the call doesn't start right away. There is a delay.

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