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Latest Comments for 626-327

January 10 12:05 pm
Called my cell phone @ 9:45 a.m. and left no message.

January 22 4:29 pm
I got a call from this number, I answered and said hello three times, nothing but dead air. What is the point?A waste of my time and yours. I was expecting an important call, as there was a death in my family; this is extremely rude and juvenile.

January 23 8:20 pm
Get yourself a google voice number and forward all calls to it.They allow you to block many numbers, and setup special lists (family, friends, etc) so you can control who rings through and who doesnt.

January 12 10:25 am
Not Spam. Just called back my debit was compromised.

January 25 10:25 am
this caller sends obscene photos and text messages with racy comments.

January 10 1:02 pm
I am so sick of getting calls from this number.  Every day and sometimes  twice a day.  Enough already. When I answer the phone no one is there.  I don't know who exactly is calling.  Never get an answer.

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