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Latest Comments for 626-840

December 24 10:50 am
I got two calls from 0 so I did the same thing and block them by using CM Security app now all it does is go boom boom bye bye.

December 24 11:00 am
I got my first call with the all zeros, at 3:00 A.M this morning! I didnt know about the all zero one. I only have a tracfone, and dont use it that much. Very scary to get a call at 3:00 a.m, on a phone that mainly only family members call me on.

December 24 3:23 pm
These guys work out of Brooklyn. It's a scam. And this isn't the only one they have going.

December 24 8:50 am
This stupid recording of a pastor from some obviously cult like church calls me every single day with updates of the goings on with the church....I don't know how they got my number....not only is it creepy but I don't even believe in god! Stop them!

December 24 7:27 pm
Belligerent a** holes, telemarketer, does not abide by "do not call registry"

December 24 5:24 pm
Jay Roberts called me regarding my ex.  He said that he needed to get a hold of my ex because an affidavit and a lawsuit would be filed next day case#2640 and it would damage his (ex) credit.

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