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January 11 11:29 am
Do you realize that her reversed charges end up costing us money in the aggregate? is only true if the card companies cannot claw money back from the scammer. Clawback is probable in this case IMO because the scam appears to be ongoing. EVERYTHING the credit card companies and the banks do costs us money in the aggregate. Thats how all financial companies handle $fines, $fraud, court $judgements, $whatever -- as a cost of doing business. They simply raise interest rates to raise the $amount needed to cover $fines, $fraud, court $judgements, $whatever.

January 11 10:39 am
Oh and he said his name was Neilson. He also goes by Mr.Jones.

January 11 10:01 pm
Exact same thing and #. Called at 12:30am and said good-bye

January 11 2:43 pm
ya think?its not rocket science. anyone with half a brain would know it is fake.word of advice, unplug the phone when your family sleeps so you wont be interrupted.

January 11 2:43 am
Spam in Spanish. Unsolicited

January 11 3:07 am
Second time this evening.  Answered; sounded like a call center in the background.  Guy says "Is this Mrs. [last name]?"  I replied, "No, I'm a man."  Several seconds of background chatter before disconnecting;; no effort made by the guy to continue his call.  Weird.

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