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Latest Comments for 630-865

June 27 11:22 am
They call me six times a day. I have a phone that disconnects them after the first ring..but 6 times a day is harassment! I called to have my number taken off but i dont think its gonna happen

June 27 4:40 pm
So why pitch a fit if you dont care what I say? Why dont you give us the name of this big-hearted man? Maybe he can be my nice friend too. How does this work again? I give him five hundred dollars to sit on for nothing, as a reward for lying to my face. Then later he gives me back my own money a little at a time, but with zero interest and only if we get to be pals and he also takes pity on me. Wow, such a deal! Where do I avoid signing?

June 27 1:33 pm
Watch out for this SCAM company CPS Card Processing Services 1-877-714-9640 They are not a legit company. I did my research only after I got scammed by them and now Im out hundreds of dollars. Just hang up on them if you know whats good for you.

June 27 8:36 pm
I received an unwanted unsolicited text from this number saying,

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