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Latest Comments for 631-691

January 6 1:22 am
Already busted (number reported as being a fraud): ... USINESS/9160314

January 21 5:29 am
To curious, why are you calling that no in first place unless you are the one making all the prank calls? Anyone else just would just read and go on. Tell on yourself much?

January 16 7:34 am
They called with a automated call it asked to hit 1 to settle out of court. I hung up. I called the next day and when the man answered he said hello and paused. I asked if this was the Madison and Associates he stuttered and sounded confused said yes his name was Dave. I asked what this was about he asked my name then asked if I had any cash advances I owe I said no. He told me to contact his office back in 30 min an someone would be able to assist me. I did report to

January 25 4:28 am
We just got a call from this number -- selling SOLAR PANELS --- same people using San Fernando Valley phone numbers for many months now. Avoid them like the plague -- they never stop calling and use many numbers. They steal peoples phone numbers; not sure how that works, but its a pain for the numbers legitimate owner. Do NOT answer the phone if you cant identify the caller as there are too many scammers out there --

January 1 9:44 am
How ignorant. If you want people to know what you write, you must spell and use proper grammar.

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