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January 7 1:58 am
Got call this afternoon from a caller identifying himself as Mr. Marcus. He stated that I am under investigation for tax fraud and there is a warrant for my arrest. Since I worked for Franchise Tax Board, they have pretty much put the fear God into we employees and are audited regularly. Ive been called in for audits twice and have never received a phone call, everything is through mail to set up an appt. at the local office. The caller has a heavy accent, my guess is East Indian or Latino. He states that he would like pertinent vital information to clarify the circumstances. I do know for a fact that the tax board and the IRS has more information than I have on myself, so there would be no need for me to provide information that they already have access to. No specifics are given as the information he states and the guy sounds very rehearsed. As Ive stated, if someone has committed tax fraud, the IRS will send agents to arrest you. Mr. Marcus is a conman who is not convincing, needs to spend more time at church to learn one should not prey and steal from thy elderly. Phone calls do not much reaction, so these guys must use a broad based robo-caller technique to broadcast out before they get anyone to respond. I would like to end this with, retirees, fear not, and let us travel the world without fear of con men or terrorists who prey on the innocent.

January 8 2:53 am
I just called them and the are called jobs radar they like a staffing agency. Told them to take me off their list. Hope this helps.

January 13 8:15 am
Im having the same problem, they also call on the weekends and Im on the national do not call list

January 2 10:26 pm
general details:Nicole (323)806-8489 Pittsburgh Escort on Browsing the Web and noticed Nicole's photo. While a bit husky in the photos, she had a cute round face so I took the plunge. Typical 2 call system upon which you receive the location and upon arrival the room number. Got the number and went up stairs; knocked on door and .... VIP'S read on NON-VIP's: Yikes!!! DANGER... DANGER... DANGER!!!! Avoid At all costs. NOT worth the effort. A Fat hustler who will surely take advantage of this system we providers and hobbyists choose to partake in. BEWARE !!!!!! (Ter Handle:brewbrew)..don't say I didn't warn you

January 10 11:07 pm
National Credit Adjusters

January 22 3:14 pm
I am so glad i searched and found you, i hope this info can help me.  we have been getting the charges on our account as well. I will let you know if this helped me.

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