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October 15 1:43 am
[The content of this post is hidden.]

October 15 5:49 pm
10is not political but away the fedschave ur phonectapped I know cause that the number that called mecan itcwas fed an they got. Sued watch what u say its notcacjoke

October 15 3:02 pm

October 15 2:25 pm
I have been calls from this number, also (205) 271-8880 and (205) 313-2641.  The woman said she was from a collection agency called Amsher (or something like that).  She said that her client, T-Mobile, sent my info to collections and that I owed over $400.  This was a bunch of BS.  My last bill with T-Mobile was under $30 and paid the week before.  Called T-Mobile and verified that my account was closed and has a ZERO balance and was never sent to collections.  Now I'm worried about identity theft!

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