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Latest Comments for 660-256

2016-06-20 17:11:04
Called two times in the past half hour & has called before. Don\'t know this number, have never delt with anyone with this number! And I\'m on the do not call list!

2016-06-20 16:06:35
Liars scammers ripoff artists con artists lie about rates leases everything stole $1000s from me they are a bunch of scammers in a boiler room in Montreal on cote DES neiges should be shut down by cops but they keep going with same scam and lies Run by Michael Karaguizian Daniel Talafre Steven Geffin

2016-06-20 16:02:12
Right on thats what it is, they found a way to hide their real number. Go to A Guide to Common Scams and how to Protect Yourself.

2016-06-20 00:50:04
Stan, that could mean only ONE thing. Your phone company sold your phone number!

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