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June 20 4:03 pm
This is true. I got a call earlier today from this number ( 661-748-0240 ). Since it was unfamiliar, I did the ole Google search & found this thread. I was in a meeting & had the phone off, so the call went straight to voicemail. Based on most of what I read here, I was prepared for either total silence or some scam spiel. Turned out to be a friend using Skype to call from Russia to say she had arrived safely. So if you have friends abroad who use Skype to remain in touch, you might well see this number legitimately pop up on your Caller ID

June 20 11:52 pm
Exactly.. if you have ever purchased a calling card using your phone number, or someone called your number using a calling card to call Cambodia, that is how they have your number.. happened two days after I let someone use my cell phone and ever since. and since it is likely out of the US, theres nothing you can do to stop it.. they are using calling cards with US access numbers to call you..

June 20 8:55 pm
I get calls from these A#%holes all the time - on my home phone and cellular.  Both are on the do-not-call list, and it's also a violation to answer a live recipient with a pre-recorded message.  The people running this business need to be strung up.

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