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Latest Comments for 660-782

January 8 8:09 pm
What do you mean by follow through? I have given all of the information required by some spam callers to the do not call website (Ive been on that list for years), and there has been absolutely no follow up from them. None!

January 15 10:40 pm
When you answer the phone, say this...Federal Bureau of Investigations..John speaking, how may I direct your Call?

January 3 9:12 am
Promotional SMS spam from BestBuy. Never gave them this new number, so it is unsolicited.

January 3 2:48 pm
This is the phone number of an internet lurker. Parents if you see this number on your child's phone, you must consider the potential that this is a child predator. Please be aware and if need be report this phone number to authorities.

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