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October 15 9:03 am
My wife got a call from the same person and after doing research on from this page. We realized its all b.s. so thanks for the info. Wish there was an easy way to find these suckers.

October 15 7:28 pm
The do not call list doesnt work. Have been on it for years

October 15 8:53 pm
Check out the statute of limitations in Ontario for unsecured debt. If two years has passed with no payment they can no longer take you to court. Collection Agencies threaten with legal action etc. in the hope that you do make a payment. Once a payment is made it resets the clock on statute of limitations. Check with the Ministry of Consumer Protection in Ontario.Agencies buy bad debts from Creditors for pennies to the dollar. So now you know why they harass you. They can make a killing. The Creditor has already written off the debt.

October 15 3:42 pm
Calls 4 or 5 times a day! Kill em!

October 15 5:12 am
I got a call during school today but wasn't able to pick up, looking at this I should probably NOT call back, right?

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