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July 19 8:37 am
Called today using the name Ivonne Fuentes. Asked for my husband by name, I said Who is this? She said Ooo, dont sound so mean, you have a good day now and hung up. Number 619-216-0672. Blocked it, but theyll find a different number to call from.

July 19 12:50 am
I have spoken to chase and explained my situation and it didnt help me out. The person I spoke to kept trying to convince me to set up a payment the same day. Even after I told her I cant pay right now, that I get paid monthly and that I only send what I can. Thats why I never answer their calls. I know what its about as well as what they want from me, which is understandable. They will get paid back, but not when they want. So I just keep programming the numbers they call into my phone under Do Not Answer. If I had the send to voicemail option I would just do that instead. Oh, they also keep calling me, despite the fact that they know I cant afford their minimum payments too. So to sum it up for anyone reading, calling and explaining might help some of you but apparently not everyone. Im proof of that unfortunately.

July 19 1:51 am
ye s Some one called and said he wanted to varify my bank acct number because some one had placed a $300 order for magazines.

July 19 3:47 pm
Same... "this is an automated message from Bank financial. Your ATM debit card has been deactivated ... to reactivate call 866-218-4242. The number again is 866-218-4242. Thank you"

July 19 9:51 pm
it calls daily leaves no messages and when answered there is no person or message.

July 19 1:30 pm
text said "As a thank you gift, $50 Target Gift Card and $50 gift card can be yours! Valid for first 100 customers! Call 1-877-834-2112

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