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July 19 7:06 pm
I hope you (and anyone else who receives these calls) also posted a comment on the site for the call-back number they gave you, whether you called or not. Its impossible for people to try to track down the callers if people dont give the call-back numbers and/or post on that numbers page.ANY and ALL info being posted helps people (and law enforcement) track down these companies AND helps keep ALL of us informed!

July 19 12:58 pm
I received a phone call from Local Keyword Directory about the advertising I cancelled in August...? In the next sentence, he said I cancelled my advertising in July...? I only advertise in my local paper; have never authorized advertising with this company. They have been phoning me at least twice a week since. Then this morning, I got into a screaming match with some bimbo who said my authorization had been recorded. Thanks to my Google search, I found this page and everything you people had to say! Thank you for validating what I already suspected! I had the pleasure of leaving a voice mail at this number, letting her know that I had looked the company up online and that it was a SCAM...

July 19 10:51 pm
They are a scam! I just got a phone call on my cell phone from 661-748-0240, really heavy accent Indian very hard to understand. He tried to tell me that he was from Microsoft and that I had a virus installed on my computer and it needs to be removed. He said they sent me an email and I never replied. I asked him what is the purpose of this phone call? He said it was just to let me know. Well I think he just told me that because I wasnt very nice, I have heard and read about all the scams the Nigerians, Indians out of the country scams that they try and succeed at stealing from innocent people. I dont have a computer, only at work, and he was trying to give me an ip address. If i had a computer I wouldnt know if it was my ip address, who memorizes those numbers? any ways I googled the number after we hung up and sure enough he has taken money from innocent people. Please dont fall for scammers and never ever give credit card numbers or checking account numbers to anyone on the phone.

July 19 12:42 pm
This happens to me all the time from 000-000-0. I answered and it said, good bye after a few seconds. I wonder if this gives them time to record any information. Can we block this number?

July 19 8:12 pm
sounds like the girl went out with godaddy papi go daddy thats all she said was godaddy

July 19 12:03 pm
Call numerous times a day

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