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Latest Comments for 678-929

January 28 8:41 am
Especially when they start referring to a date when a conversation supposedly took place a week ealier. Scam!

January 26 11:46 am
CWG40 is correct. Do not do what they want, hang up, its a scam to gain access to your computer. The only persons who should be touching your computer is you, your manufacturer, Real Windows support that you have called and/or maybe a real live tech you see face to face! ... rt-refund-scams ... ably-a-scammer/ ... on-150170.shtml

January 5 4:11 am
Received unsolicited text message on 2 of our phones about Bad Credit, No Equity, Lowering payments, low fixed interest rates. Did not request info. Texted STOP as it said to. Going online to carrier to block. All lines are on government do not call list. Why is this happening?

January 26 12:42 pm
Got a text saying my name.....LoLoL and a website to click. I didnt click it.

January 5 12:09 am
I have receiving phone calls from you on my 712-881-2009 phone number and this is an attempt to stop the harrassing calls. I can not physically take your phone calls and they are requested , by me, to STOP. I have a registered phone for "no calls" and if you dont stop I will report you. Again, no more phone calls on my phone number.

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