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October 15 12:34 am
I am in Canada at a Government Law Office. I usually receive at least one call a week from these morons in Texas. I noticed the number come up this time and simply answered hello instead of the standard office greeting that they usually hang up on. I got the fog horn in my ear and a this is your captain speaking... I would like to know how they are getting our inside unlisted private numbers.

October 15 6:45 pm
This is the number of a man related to a scam for a advertised job. It has to do he says with Prestige Audi Insurance, a Liberty Insurance company. He says they will pay you 450.00 dollars a week to put some electronic calculator on your car. And you get a free set of tires. Then he says they will send you a check? Then He sent me a text on 12-13-2014. He then sent me one on 12-15-2014. But I never heard back from him. Obviously they are doing scams from this number.

October 15 6:47 pm
but what you all fail to understand is that we have no problem to provide such proof we can provide anyone with a notarized proof of debt showing the creditor and balance of such debt if people paid their bills they would not have these issues its simple if you get a call about a bill you failed to pay then do the right thing and pay that bill but before you pay anything ask for a latter witch u will get ask for validation of debt witch you will get notarized instead of you guys educating people on doing the right thing your tying to find way to get out of paying your debts you should all be ashamed you yourself i bet you teach your kids not to pay their bills too my parents always told me to be a responsible adult and pay my bills so i dont have to deal with the issues of bad credit or getting sued cuz i dont pay my bills

October 15 4:41 am
this # called at 5:19 pm but didn't leave a voicemail. I know I started an application for a job search but never submitted it, but I'm sure as soon as I typed it in, the # was already sold. I'm going to try to register on the Do not Call List. Goodluck everyone!

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