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Latest Comments for 701-453

September 10 7:20 am
called at 6:30 in the morning. Unless someone has died, dont call us between 10 pm and 7 am. This includes you the telemarketer, and the foreign ones too.

September 10 3:29 pm
Actually on some phone caller ID systems (such as ours), a number will show up as the city that the call is being placed from OR as UNKNOWN if it is not a number that is programmed into our system. So what you have said isnt necessarily true on that front. Although what you say about just letting it go and letting voice mail get it, etc, that works. But we even have relatives that call from particular cities in Pennsylvania for instance, and because we dont have their numbers programmed in, it will show up as the city they are calling from instead of their names (even my brothers number shows up this way).

September 10 12:37 pm
She is a Craig'slist stalker.

September 10 1:40 pm
I got one call at midnight.. but found out it was my friend

September 10 9:41 am
Robotic voice claiming I signed up for a sweepstakes; I didn't.

September 10 10:07 am
He's constantly harassing me......

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