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Latest Comments for 701-579

January 5 4:19 am
I dont think people are being dramatic at all. If people are kind enough to donate blood, they should not be harassed by the Red Cross. They just lost my support!

January 13 1:32 am
ok lets narrow this down a bit do any of you all post on craigslist or do you all get calls from a number that has health insurance as the name on the caller id?

January 20 3:59 am
I got that same messge just now. Slightly different link. Same "winning" code...

January 23 10:28 am
update your google listing, press 9 to be taken off the list. Doesn't work.

January 23 12:06 am
no voice mail, calls keep coming in

January 13 6:54 am
They calles me and didnt  left  voice  messege

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