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Latest Comments for 701-668

January 18 8:32 am
We receive increasing calls from 000-000-0. We let it go to answering machine & the voice asks us to press 1 to accept the charges &/or press 2 to speak to an operator. Sounds like a scam to me . I dont answed unknown numbers but the late evening calls are most annoying.

January 4 7:57 am
Missed call. Called back next day before 9:00 AM picked up by answering service with "Benefits Association". They would not answer questions and disconnected call.

January 18 11:13 am
Selling time shares. Automated recording.

January 8 10:19 am
got text from joey +1-765-405-0664 to e-mail at provde@gmail.comsammer

January 28 4:50 pm
I received many phone calls from this number and as all of you there's no message. Today I used a whistle so loud in the phone that if there were someone at the other end of the line, he or she's probably deaf. I suggest you all do the same and see if it stops.

January 7 12:49 am
He said that his name was steve and that he knew me.

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