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Latest Comments for 702-306

2016-02-16 14:49:16
I got the same call from a guy named "Ricky" I couldnt understand his last name. He called from a 0000 number on my cell and left a message stating the same thing in "Eric\'s" Comment. I have got several calls from these people. I don\'t understand why someone hasnt put a stop to this crap! It\'s soo annoying.

2016-02-16 20:27:44
WBS comes up on Caller ID.  Calls without leaving message.  Calls repeatedly and has been calling for months.  If I block the number they call back on a different number.  If it\'s a company I have an account with I am going to close my account and never do business with them again.

2016-02-16 06:03:18
I have been receiving the same scam calls too. So when one shows up, I call Verizon Wireless customer service and they are super friendly when I call. They help me block the specific numbers, that call.

2016-02-16 12:24:23
Repeat call from this number and no answer.

2016-02-16 17:07:11
Tried the letting it ring doesnt stop the calls. I tried that with this all zeros phone number and they still call every other day, if not every day. Two days ago they called THREE times in ONE day! Insane!

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