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Latest Comments for 702-567

August 27 1:29 am
I also got a series of weird texts from this number last week. A few days later many of my phone contacts were deleted from my phone. I fear that the two are related. Has anyone else had the same thing happen to their phones?

August 27 7:03 am
No, people like YOU saying 800-446-0664 is a legit WF number are the scammers. There is NO PROOF that 800-446-0664 is a legit WF number. 800-446-0664 is NOT listed on WFs website You are GUARANTEED to avoid a scammer if you DONT give info to and DONT call 800-446-0664 back. You are GUARANTEED to get the real Wells Fargo bank if you call any number on WFs website.

August 27 10:56 am
Whose Phone Number Is This?

August 27 4:40 am
This company repeatedily calls my number -I have advised them to stop calling and they are very nasty and never remove my number.

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