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Latest Comments for 703-423

January 16 2:32 am
It is for someone who doesnthave a phone or access to a phone but has access to a computer. The 760 is the google prefix and is someone calling from a computer just like they would call from a phone. The person calling goes into their gmail account and clicks on the little phone icon which brings ups a telephone pad where they dial the number, any number and then speak as if their computer is a big speaker phone. It is a great app but there is no way to track the call or know who is calling you, its like answering the phone back in the 1980s when you couldnt screen calls:)

January 20 4:32 pm
I have Verizon and have been receiving these calls for a while.

January 17 9:01 am
Harassing call, wants money for bus.

January 3 3:33 am
Called Michigan today at 9:00am - no one on line.

January 11 10:25 pm
Just got a call and yes it had a 4 at the end.  No message.

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