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December 4 4:48 pm
This is the sixth call in a week from this number. I finally answered tonight at 8:00 just to see what they wanted, and if I could get them to stop calling me. After saying hello three times a woman finally answered saying that the phone call would be recorded. She said that she was looking for one of my relatives, and when I asked why she said that they had some personal business. She also gave a name and asked if it was my name. I know that no one in my family has done any kind of business in Texas, so I just hung up. I dont know who or what they are, but its annoying!

December 4 1:02 am
Tara pierce is the owner and she will

December 4 12:00 am
same scenario, different name, whats worse? lil miss 'bored at home' isnt even a person. IT is a bot! dont believe me? just try restarting a messenger chat with it. it takes the story straight from the top. programmed to respond with a script based on common responses. pretty in depth too, used a 50 cent word and provided the 206 # for realty

December 4 7:51 pm
They called me 3 times. Left a msg for someone else. Said they were a collection agency . Today they called again so I answered to let them know it was a wrong number. I got a recorded message saying they would be with me shortly. I waited 2 minutes then it just clicked off. Should I be worried? :/

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