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Latest Comments for 704-244

December 4 9:14 pm
I received a call from this number. A three-word message was left (partial and not understandable). When I returned the call, there was a brief message about the office being closed and the hours open. Isnt there something illegal about making calls like this?

December 4 11:48 am
Just recd call from 803-335-2859 at 11:25am EST. Guess according the posts someone wants to finish Christmas Shopping with our cards. My caller ID said S. Carolina Call. Didnt answer, no msg. left. Blocked on my phone immediately.

December 4 6:40 pm
So, did they ever come to your house?

December 4 7:42 pm
It is someone calling you using google voice. It could be a friend of yours, a telemarketer, scammer, etc. You just dont know. I had this happen to me yesterday from a friend in Panama that was trying to reach me. I wouldnt answer until he left a message and I realized it was a valid call. I think the caller should leave a message so you know its someone you want to talk to.

December 4 7:58 am
"Hi ______, I just reviewed your resume. If you're still looking for work in the Administrative field, please call me at 888-258-9312." ID theft scam?

December 4 10:31 pm
Trans World Services appears on my caller ID, I don't know what they want

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