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January 26 7:55 am
A debt is a debt but a collection agency full of elite collectors that dance around FDCPA is GOING to be shut down. and some people need to know that when they run around saying if you want to bark with the big dogs, then you better be ready to piss in the tall grass needs to take in concideration that just because owner is the owner*, doesnt mean that she is the big dog on the lot! two things... its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog and *Stephany Lowinger is not THE owner.. she is financially backed by a co-owner that probably has no idea that he made a bad investment to trust this crooked collector and there are a series of people that she has PISSED OFF that are fighting against her and are a stones throw from shutting her down. Funny... what goes around, comes around.

January 15 11:24 am
Completed complaint form when I saw that a full copy of the complaint including all of my information would be given to Client Services. Thanks but No Thanks! These guys are calling and fishing for a fellow I worked with 5 years ago and want my information before they said they would stop calling. Im not giving this low life my information and almost made the mistake of giving it second hand. Found off the MO gov web site.Client Services, Inc.,,,0910056,,,3451 Harry S. Truman Blvd,St. Charles,MO,63301,(800) 521-3236,Donald J. Funke,Started:03/18/2008,Expires:01/31/2009

January 12 2:03 pm
Also offered to buy some Citi ID (?) for a price ? We got no acct. w/ (?) From Rochester MI

January 24 7:48 am

January 28 4:16 am
Ive used this site enough that I figured I might as well create an account here. Since I originally posted this I felt I should have done so to begin with.Hopefully that will allow me to cross reference better.Im also reposting my whole original post with update here so that maybe search engines will help find it:Weve received multiple calls over the last week at work with what appear to be throw-away phone numbers. Searches yield little to no results other than possible locations for the area codes, and email at you-mail etc...These calls are always left on our answering machine during hours our store is closed, and they ALL leave identical messages that go something like this (as verbatim as I could get):hey, yo, umm Im making this call cause I want to test the audio separator audio. ahh, so please dont put me on speaker phone I just want only your voice to be heard, uh then some garbled noise, then thats exactly why I wanted you to do, just [some inaudible words], and Im almost at 30 seconds and that should be enough... okay, thank you okayNEXTit sounds as you are transferred to an automated operator that says:you have reached the Canadian embassy in Havana, we are currently ?closed? to continue to hold please press 1NEXTit SEEMS as if you are being disconnected by another automated operator that says:please hold, your call has been disconnected due to communication problems, please stay on the line...NEXTyou are graced with some background noises and conversations and a very long pause,AND THENan apparently Hispanic woman comes on and starts saying:hello? *waits* hello? *waits again* hallo? and then goes on to say a few sentences in what I believe may be Spanish or Portuguese (not sure, Im quite rusty), but they do mention Havana I believe at one point; then you hear a background conversation in the same language, andFINALLY the call disconnects.As I said, EVERY single one of these messages is from a different phone number and caller ID name, BUT all messages were IDENTICAL, obviously some sort of recording.All names and numbers that came through (so far) with this:1)Friday 11/07/2014 - 7:37AMHENDRICKS, MARY281-630-37472)Saturday 11/22/2014 - 7:59AMVIRGINIA MURRAY347-760-94313)Sunday 11/23/2014 - 8:54PMBELLVILLE, TX979-608-8382Weve saved the messages, and Ive even recorded a copy to my cell phone and saved it just in case, though the poor audio quality only ends up worse by holding the speaker of one phone to the others microphone (old school :P )I have not been able to find any similar reference to this type of call anywhere online, so I thought Id post it here.UPDATE 12/08/2014Additional Numbers added:4)Wednesday 11/26/2014 - 5:56PMTEXAS CALL956-372-94365)Sunday 11/30/2014 - 8:29AMTEXAS CALL254-324-92056)Tuesday 12/02/20014 - 6:35PMMETIOGLU HUSEYI718-316-57857)Sunday 12/07/2014 - 10:01AM12/07/2014 10:01AMNEW YORK CALL914-729-4835I am no longer able to save these messages as our answering machine is out of memory and can not store any more calls.I am having to delete them as we need our customers to be able to leave messages more than some scam artist(s)...

January 19 11:10 pm
1 call and a hang up one day after signing up for an online dating service.

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