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Latest Comments for 708-294

June 20 3:51 am
Dont know anyone from DC. Dont even WANT to know anyone from DC.

June 20 12:36 pm
Probably iYogi...avoid that company like the plague!

June 20 10:36 pm
I got a call tonight from this number and they were asking about my neighbor, who they claimed to know.  However, they kept refering to him as "her", so obviously they did not know him personally.  They said they were trying to get ahold of my neighbor for the past week and "the phone was disconnected".  They left the name Jesse Patlan and this phone number for my neighbor to call... I asked how they got my number and he said from the phone directory.  Based on other similar numbers I saw on this website, I think it may be a collection agency.  Its not enough for them to stock those who owe them money, now they are calling neighbors!?!?  Seriously if I get a call again, they will get a mouthfull!

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