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January 15 2:12 pm
Then why cant they leave an intelligible, audible message? I dont buy it - I think its been hijacked! No sense in risking it calling it back or logging into my Verizon right away to redeem something for about $39.

January 3 12:46 am
really there is no way to tell i have worked for telemarketing companies for a while and belive you me it isnt hard to get some ones information. companies have whole programs dedicated to searching public records and data hiding under the falcehood of legit firms. im not saying its a scam but its definatly posibble. just pay in the store or when you call them on the 611 number to be on the safe side. im also curious has anyone called att at 611 and asked them about this # to see if its thiers?

January 19 3:17 pm
Recieved 1 call. I answered it and Its a auto message stating about the electric bill is up to date but would like to help make payments lower.

January 2 5:21 pm
Still getting random calls from this number, used to say his name was Richi, now says his name is Frank, not sure why he feels the need to call and ask for prositutes repeatedly and calls at any and all hours of the night, I have seen his # come up for last 11 days in a row, next time I will just contact STL Police and let them take care of him.

January 5 12:02 am
Got a txt message saying our card starting with 4492 has been deactivated.

January 7 2:21 am
They called me waniting me to go to Wal-Mart and buy a$300 green dot card so they can send me 7,500 fro. A grant from the groverment that I dont have to pay back

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