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Latest Comments for 708-784

January 14 8:25 am
Its a scam! They just hit me up too

January 27 2:29 pm
Calling my CELL phone, which automatically transcribes messages:Please listen carefully as our menu options may have changed. You may have been selected for a $100 Walmart gift voucher. In order to process your gift voucher we will need to transfer to a live representative. Press 1 now to be connected. You get these free gifts just for taking a look at the Nations leading savings programs. These programs are for huge discounts and un advertized savings at all your major retailers and grocery stores. Dont miss out on these fantastic gifts and offers. Simply press 1 now to be connected to a live representative. Our expert representatives will assist you in getting these gifts sent directly to your home. Supplies of these vouchers are limited. So press 1 now to be connected and claim your $100 Walmart gift voucher today. Some poor victims may actually think this is a call from Walmart!

January 7 5:55 pm
They call all the time. I told them not to call but that doesn't has them listed as high spam.

January 27 11:14 pm
No and voixe operator recording!

January 21 8:24 pm
Hung up before or just as I answered.

January 13 4:47 pm
This number called on August 9, 11, 14, 15, 16.  I never pick up calls I do not recognize. They can call all they want, I have no desire to speak with any number that I do not recognize.  I will block number and/or put on fax line.  This call is a scam.  Caller ID reads, Skiptel.  Not even curious who they are or what they want.  They are all SCAMMERS.  I would advise that people just ignore these calls.  Someone should bring this up to the attention of the media such as ABC news, NBC, etc.,  Tell them to investigate these unwanted numbers and telemarketers calling our home and cell phones and have a program on these unwanted telemarketers and/or scammers.

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